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If you are looking for payday loans in Calgary, WeLoans is the right place to get the money you need. We will help you find a payday loan with reasonable fees and terms in Calgary without any hassles.

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Why Trust WeLoans?

WeLoans works with trusted lending businesses , but they don'tinfluence how we write about loan products (see how we make money ). All our content is carefully created and reviewed by our team of financial professionals, who follow our strict editorial guidelines, to make sure it's truthful and accurate.

What Conditions Must I Meet If I Want To Get An Online Payday Loan In Calgary?

To qualify for online payday loans with same-day funding in Calgary, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • You must provide a valid government-issued photo ID
  • You should be able to demonstrate proof of three months of continuous employment or a consistent source of income
  • You should show proof of a Calgary residential address (such as a utility bill, for instance)
  • Have an active chequing account with a bank in Canada

Apart from the above general requirements, lenders will also ask you to provide personal information, including your full name, date of birth, contact details, and, in some cases, your Social Insurance Number. Additionally, some lenders may request additional documentation based on your financial situation and loan request.

Are There Any Regulations To Get Payday Loans In Calgary?

To ensure the protection of borrowers during financial transactions and regulate loan service providers, payday loan lenders and borrowers in Calgary must adhere to loan regulations when providing or applying for payday loan services in Alberta.

Fees And Charges

The maximum amount that can be borrowed for a payday loan in Calgary is $1,500, with the maximum cost of borrowing being $15 for every $100 borrowed, which includes fees and interest. However, if you default on your loan, additional fees may apply.

Repayment Terms

Loan terms for payday loans in Calgary can be between 42 and 62 days. Lenders may apply additional charges or penalties if borrowers fail to repay loans after 62 days.

Cancellation Policy

Alberta’s Consumer Protection Act provides all payday loan borrowers with a cooling-off period of two business days in case they change their minds and want to cancel their payday loan services. If you cancel your services and return the funds within this period, lenders will not be allowed to apply any penalties or charges to you due to the cancellation.


Legitimate payday loan businesses, financial service providers, and lending companies that operate in Calgary must have a valid lending license issued by the Government of Alberta. These licenses can be confirmed through Service Alberta. Note that having a valid license can not guarantee the quality of services, rates of financial products, or loan terms and conditions.

Can I Get A Payday Loan In Calgary Within The Same-day?

Generally, borrowers can receive the funds for their payday loan request within the same day. However, the time it takes for lenders to process the loan application may still vary. Our lending partners will try their best to deliver the services as soon as possible, but the processing time can depend on various factors, including the loan amount, the purpose of the loan, and personal financial status.

In some cases, depending on the lender you choose to work with, it may take up to several business days to process the loan.

How Can WeLoans Improve My Online Loan Experience?

At WeLoans, we give you a better online borrowing experience when applying for a quick and easy payday loan in Calgary.

High Acceptance Rate For Borrowers With Bad Credit

We have partnered with experienced lenders who offer loan products to people with bad credit. Even if you have a poor credit history, these lenders have high approval rates and will consider your overall financial situation to assess your repayment capacity. Based on this assessment, they will approve your loan request accordingly.

Extended Canadian Lender Network

WeLoans gives you access to dependable and reputable licensed lenders across Canada who offer a variety of loan services at reasonable rates. With dozens of lenders in our network, you have a much better chance of finding the best loan for your needs.

Affordable Interest Rates

All loan services providers, credit companies and third-party financial institutions in our network are regulated by the Canadian government. WeLoans and our partners follow the mandated regulations and allowable interest rates, fees, charges and terms.

e-Transfer Supported

Most payday loan lenders here at WeLoans offer Interac e-Transfer supported payday loan services, which means that there are no processing fees, and you can quickly receive the funds in your dedicated bank account without having to visit your local bank.

What Alternatives To Payday Loans Are Available In Calgary?

Installment Loans

There are different types of installment loans available in Calgary, including personal loans, car loans and mortgages. An Installment loan generally has longer repayment terms, which allows you to make equal monthly payments over a period of time. With equal installments, your payments are more predictable and manageable.

Bad Credit Loans

If your credit score falls into the bad-credit category, a bad credit loan in Alberta is a good option for you. Lenders will still review your credit history to assess your creditworthiness, but they also consider other factors when making their decision. They will also assess your employment history and income level, among other factors, to determine your eligibility.

No Credit Check Loans

This type of loan does not require any credit check. Most lenders that offer no-credit-check loans in Canada have more lenient eligibility requirements and a quicker approval time. However, since these loans are considered high-risk, they can attract hefty fees and high-interest charges and can easily become a debt trap.


1. Are payday loans in Calgary secured or unsecured?

Payday loans in Calgary are generally unsecured as most lenders do not require borrowers to provide any security deposit or collateral in order to get a payday loan. To assess your creditworthiness and repayment capacity, lenders will likely ask you to provide proof of employment and list your sources of income.

2. Can I apply for multiple payday loans in Calgary?

Under An Act to End Predatory Lending and the Payday Loans Regulation in Calgary, it is not permitted to obtain more than one payday loan from the same lender simultaneously. However, you may be able to obtain a second payday loan from a different lender.

3. My credit score is low. Can I still get payday loans online in Calgary?

Yes, many of the lenders in our network are bad credit-friendly. These lenders specialize in providing loan services for people with bad credit, and they will not reject your application just because you have a low credit score. Instead, they will look at your current financial situation to see whether or not you are capable of repaying your loan.

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