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Editorial Guideline

WeLoans has a well-crafted editorial guideline in place to ensure that all financial content published in our website meets the highest standards of accuracy, clarity, and completeness.

The editorial guideline sets out the principles and standards that our writers should adhere to when writing financial articles. Not only does it help ensure that our financial content is accurate, unbiased, and reliable, but it also helps maintain our credibility in the eyes of our readers.

Our editorial team comprises financial analysts and experts, writers, and reviewers who work together to provide top notch and credible financial information for our readers to make right choices in applying for loans or in any other financial matters.


Our author team aims at helping loan applicants find appropriate and trusted money guides and advice before making borrowing decisions. Our team of analysts and financial advisors also help enlighten our readers on interest rates and their implications in line with the borrowing terms of the lenders or lending companies.


RESEARCH: Our team of writers and reviewers carry out in-depth research on our partnering lenders, their lending services and their mode of operation. This helps us provide detailed information which is specifically aimed at educating the loan applicant on the right approaches to applying for loans. Our team also highlights the advantages and the cons of each lending service with respect to our readers' needs.

Our team of experts also research different loans, steps in getting a particular loan to and when is the best time to apply for a loan.


Our team of experts evaluates and analyzes the results of the research to put down properly verified content for the readers.

Our team of editors is meticulous not to involve or include unverified or unauthentic information in our content as it could mislead the loan applicant or complicate his or her transactions. This could also act to discredit and besmirch our brand name. Therefore every information gathered from the research is brought to experts for analysis and authentication before being made public.


With the frequent fluctuations in the market, our editorial team makes sure to update the readers with the recent market financial changes. We source recent and up to date interest rates of each company partnering with us. We also include their new policies so that potential applicants will not take steps in ignorance.


Our team gathers data from reliable websites, authors, independent surveys and government agencies. Our writers and fact checkers consult authentic sites and publications to get necessary information. The information sourced, when analyzed and compiled broadens the scope of perspectives for the applicants.

Our team also puts into consideration loan regulations and adjustments. This is important as some loan applicants are not up to date with these information and may make mistakes if they are not properly guided.


Our content is unique in itself. It contains guidelines which can be implemented by the borrower in getting funds with very favorable interest. Information is sourced from veritable sources and after being analyzed and verified, is compiled in a unique manner. It'sencompassing details also accommodate newbies who are just borrowing for the first time. It helps them avoid mistakes common to first time borrowers.


Our team sources feedback from previous customers and current clients of individual lending companies. With these feedbacks in our writeups, our editorial teams create a sense of awareness for the potential loan applicants and every applicant has an idea of what to expect from each company which he or she has decided to borrow from.

With feedback from past customers, applicants are fully aware of their choices. By this incorporation, we seek to prevent our customers from being entangled with problematic and selfish lenders. This however, is independent of our opinion but limited to the experiences of past customers.


Our content is written in simple and decent language. Due to customer grievances, some feedback may come with cuss and vulgar words. Our editorial team does not include vulgar language in our content. Our team works to sieve out those words before publication. The language used in our content is inoffensive and official.


Every information or data sourced from external sources is properly referenced and cited. This is to avoid infringement on a person'sintellectual property. Any case of plagiarism from our writers or any member of the editorial team is not dealt with lightly as we do not by any means support stealing of intellectual property neither does our company endorse infringement on copyright rules.


Our team's reviews on lending services and companies are independent of the lending companies and their services. They are unbiased and independent of prejudices. They are rather based on facts which have been properly obtained from reliable sources, analyzed by experts and verified. The lending company's approval or consent is not required for our team to produce content about their company or their services.

Every member of our team is held to a high level of sincerity and honesty without any form of sentiment. Intelligence, facts, accuracy rather than emotion is employed when these publications are made.